Hi, I am Lizanne. I’m married to Chris (read our story here on my blog) and mama of one sweet boy, Elijah David (10/12/2010), one precious girl, Naomi Leah (26/12/2012), one angel baby Jemima Shalom (October 2015) and Asher Silas (13/9/2016).

I qualified as a  make up artist in 2007, but after dabbling in a few different careers, YHWH showed me what He had planned for me:  being a keeper at home and raising our children. I love cooking new dishes, reading, going to the beach, watching the sunset, spending time with my people, shopping and being creative. I’m a bit of a crunchy-boho-hippy, so just deal with it.

I have a desire to glorify Elohim  by teaching other women how to be beautifully feminine in a modest and set-apart way. I hope to accomplish that in part with my blog. (this was the main focus of my blog to start – but as time moved on, I have branched out…. as you’ll see)

Chris is my lovely manly man of a hunky husband! He is a quirky, nerdy, fun-loving husband and daddy disguised as web developer and sometimes moonlighting as a carpenter. He loves Yeshua, movies, gaming, reading, fuzzy rodents (hamsters, mice and bunnies – actually all animals), music, and ME,oh and the little boys and girl!

Elijah is the cutest, funniest, busiest, messiest, most huggable little boy! He loves to run around, climb on things, pull things off stuff, play in dirt and water, eat, be hugged and cuddled, and he laughs like a champ. He is also the most loved and cherished big boy.

Naomi is the cutest, quietest little baby girl, we’re still getting to know her, but so far she’s a real little poppet! She eats, sleeps and cuddles really well, she loves to laugh and be tickled, and she loves food. She’s very much loved by her big brother, who misses her whenever she goes to sleep and she totally adores him.

Asher is hands down the friendliest baby I have ever met, and he just charms everyone. His belly laugh totally melts my heart. He fits perfectly into our crazy family, and we love getting to know this little guy as he grows older.

What we believe :  http://atfotc.com/index.php/about-foot-of-the-covenant-ministries/belief-statement


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