So since I am still struggling to actually write, but I don’t want my blog to die… I figure I’ll do some kind of journaling style post.

Photo that has nothing to do with the post…


  • Doing: planning and working out what we need for our Sukkot camping trip… seems its more complicated to go camping with 3 kids for 10 days than I expected… and I’m getting nervous, because I have way more to prepare than I thought. Basically going to bake and shop and pack and make remedies for the next week… and with Yom Kippur coming up this weekend, I technically lose a day I would normally go and do errands on. Here’s hoping I manage to get it all done before we leave next Thursday.
  • watching:  I have been enjoying Shetland, its actually refreshing to hear a different accent to the usual American and British accents, and the whole vibe just seems better than the overly Hollywood themed crime shows. Hope they make many more seasons.
  • Reading: I have been buying and reading all the books I can on herbalism and the science and stuff behind making natural healing remedies. I really enjoy it, and its inspiring me to try and grow my own healing garden… even though our plantable garden is no bigger than a postage stamp.
  • listening to: The Pride and Predjudice soundtrack by Dario Marionelli… love the calm yet happy music. Definitely one of my favorite modern composers.
  • eating: healthy… mainly coconut cream smoothie bowls, sweet potato hash, fish, gluten free pastas, lots of rice cakes and toppings. Have to try and heal my body, which apparently starts with healing the gut. So here’s to that!!
  • enjoying: my iPad Pro… which was my birthday/anniversary gift for the year… (would probably have to count the next 5 years actually). It’s great for designing things and watching series while I get ideas off Pinterest or for drawing… which is the main reason I have it, to practice my drawing and design.

So that’s my life in a nutshell at the moment, basically just living life, and trying to be set apart and intentional, so flying pretty low on the radar, but working on maintaining valuable relationships.

Here’s hoping I manage to keep up with the occasional post…

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