the whole world is in uproar and discussion about Robin Williams, suicide and depression. From the naysayers who say, just get over it, to the people who suffer themselves and are angry at the ones who don’t get it.

I thought I would weigh in with my two-cents.

After two pregnancies in 2 years and having a horrible birth experience with my first, I can see I suffered postnatal depression after Elijah was born and then again when I was pregnant with Naomi. Its a real thing. Its not a slump you can pull yourself out of. I was in denial and didn’t see it as an issue, but it affected my whole life. I didn’t have the overwheming desire to down bottles of aspirin, but I did have the overwhelming feeling that I was drowning. The lack of desire to do things I actually enjoyed, and pushing people away, the desire to stay in bed all day and just forget about the world. Yes, I didn’t have it so bad that I would kill myself, but I definitely wished I could run away from my feelings… ever try escape your own mind… yeah not an option.

I have friends and family who really do suffer from depression, its a real problem, a real disease, and its not their fault. They can take medication and numb it, but they can’t get away from their own minds. I would probable have gotten worse, but I had an awesome support system, if not for my friends who checked on me while I was pregnant with Naomi, and my husband who was there to keep me grounded, I may have lost my mind. I also hear the argument, to just trust God, and give it to Him… which is so true, but its totally easier said that done. The best post on the Christian perspective on depression is by Ann Voskamp. As Christians, and humans, we need to rally around those with mental illness and depression, not shun and judge them. Help them trust God, help them see His love, when they feel like drowning. Funny story is that some of the friends who helped me most were atheists and Buddhists…

You can be different and you can struggle and you can wrestle and you can hurt and we will be here.Because a fallen world keeps falling apart and even though we the Body can’t make things turn out — we can turn up. Just keep turning up, showing uplooking up.”

If we only knew what fire every person is facing — there isn’t one person we wouldn’t help fight their fire with the heat of a greater love. (Ann Voskamp)

If you suffer from depression, seek help, and know that there is no shame in depression or other mental illnesses, just as there is no shame in cancer or heart problems. Christ died for us all, and He is there to carry us through everything, the church needs to step up and be His hands.

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  1. I suffer from clinical depression (well I’m recovering very well) and everyone’s opinions regarding Robin Williams has got me thinking, suddenly I realise just how blessed I am to have the support I do. We need to get over the stigma of it just being an attention seeking thing you can get over…
    I loved the post (not a big fan of having to do math to comment though, hehehe)

    1. yeah I don’t know why my CAPTCHA is math… I can’t even get it right myself… will work on that. Just need to figure out how to block spammers…

      Yeah the stigma is annoying and stupid. I’m glad to hear you are recovering… its intense to suffer from something like depression when people don’t get it. Strengths, and thanks for the comment

  2. Thank you for this. I’m also one of those moms who only realises, with the benefit of hindsight, that I probably had depression for the first year of each of my children’s lives. I also felt a bit like I was drowning, and getting out of bed was a struggle every day. It helps to have a support system in place, and I’m so grateful for my husband and family, and the moms in my bible study whose love and prayers meant so much when I was feeling so fragile.

  3. I suffered from pnd after the birth of my first baby and after 6 months I came out of it on my own. I was aware of pnd but had no idea that I had been suffering from it until I started coming out of it. It was a terrible space to be in. So fortunate that my life has come right now, I managed to start an online baby store, had another baby, repaired my married with my hubby and things are now great.
    I also know a lot of people that have suffered from depression. It is not a nice thing to experience!

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