I have been totally silent on the blog for the past few months, mostly due to no internet access but also because I have been praying and debating about whether to continue with this blog or whether to stop blogging or to change the direction of the blog.

it has been decided that I will continue blogging here but that the direction will change. I never wanted to be a mommy blogger (no offense) it’s just not my thing, I felt called to write about deeper issues, possibly relating to moms, but not only reviews and mommy stuff. I would like to write about issues close to my heart or issues the Lord lays on my heart, whether that offends or not.

I am realising more and more that I have spent the greater part of my 27 years, being unhappy about something in my life, I have a big covetousness issue. I am never completely satisfied with myself or what I have. It has dawned on me, via some wise people in my life and some great articles, that that’s not freedom. Freedom is being who I was created to be, where I am…. Bloom where you’re planted basically. I don’t really want or need all the latest hipster outfits or gadgets, but because someone else has them or something online tells me I need to have them, I believe them. But ultimately I’m not happier or more fulfilled by these things, on the contrary, my life is cluttered and complicated by things I want or desires to be something I am not.


I guess what I am trying to say is that I want to be real and write about what I am passionate about, real life, simple living (still in the process of simplifying my life), homesteading, trying to live as naturally as possible, and of course my faith and everything that goes along with that. I don’t feel comfortable posting so much about my kids anymore, so forgive me if you expect photos and many updates. if we’re friends IRL you’re likely to see them on my FB feed, or we can hang. I would like to honor my kids by granting them a private childhood, they may not like their faces all over the net when they are 18.

i make no promises about post frequency, but I will be around. I will review products if I find them to fit in with our lifestyle and beliefs, but not just any product. that said, i have one review outstanding which does not fit in this framework but as I try to keep my word, I have to write it.

i hope you’ll all hang around and join in the comments and let me know your thoughts.


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  1. That’s great Liz! I have the same feelings sometimes… looking forward to reading more posts about what’s important to you!

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