DIY High Chair Revamp

A really good friend of mine blessed us with a dearly loved high chair for Naomi. Her oldest daughter used it for all the baby led weaning adventures they had embarked on, and we are so grateful to them for giving it to us.

Some of the plastic material had started to tear and come off, and knowing kids, I knew it was only a matter of time until Elijah would have picked it all off, so I decided to give this chair a well deserved make over.

photo (5)

This photo I took after taking off the plastic off the seat.

I had some red heart plastic from when I has wanted to make Elijah a change mat way back when, and it was just enough for this project. Coupled with my new best friend, a staple gun, I recovered the chair in about 20 minutes. The perfect naptime project.

Here is the finished result…

photo (4)

excuse the mess on the floor, but hey, I think the chair looks awesome.

what cool DIYs would you like to see me attempt? what have you done recently?

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